Sterling Property Solutions

Property Management in New Rochelle, New York 

Sterling Property Solutions provides you with full-service solutions to the endless task list of managing a property. Our goal is to minimize the stress of managing your New Rochelle property. 

managing your new rochelle property

We offer a full range of property management services, specializing in managing single homes, condo units, and multi-family rental properties. Our services allow us to ensure that you make a profit from your property without wasting time handling day-to-day tasks and tenant complaints. We are located in White Plains, New York, and manage many properties in the Westchester area. 

Our services are thorough and highly-effective. As experts in the local rental market, we know how to maximize the stream of income you get from your rental property.

Sterling Property Solutions works by the principles of honesty and transparency. This means no hidden fees, and the pricing of our services is direct and simple. Our clients always feel safe financially when working with us. We practice the utmost integrity in the industry, making our company worthy of your trust.


Our New Rochelle Property Management Services 

Sterling Property Solutions provides you with the best property management services in the market. We use leading-edge technology for our marketing, tenant screening, rent collection, property upkeep, and more. Working with us, you’ll have access to the following services: 


Rental Property Marketing

We use targeted advertisements to promote your property on the leading rental listing websites. When our strategic marketing gains traction, we find ways to convert inquiries into profitable returns for you.

marketing your new rochelle rental property

We work relentlessly to market your New Rochelle property, ensuring that we are always available to show prospective tenants around your property. As a result, we are able to expand our pool of potential renters, thus speeding up your return on investment.


Tenant Screening

Our tenant screening procedure automatically eliminates high-risk tenants. We check their financial capacity to ensure they make at least make three times the rental amount. We also check that their criminal record is clean. This helps us avoid future issues and/or eviction lawsuits. By double-checking references from past landlords, we’re able to guarantee that the tenants staying in your rental unit are the best in the market.


Rent Collection

We offer various options for tenant rent payments via our online portal. In the lease, we’ll carefully outline the tenant’s responsibilities in terms of paying their rent on time. If there are any violations to these terms, we adhere to the law and move forward with the eviction process. By enforcing the terms of the lease strictly, we avoid leniency. Tenants are more likely to pay their rent promptly under our property management services.

At Sterling Property Solutions, we treat all tenants fairly and professionally.


Property Repairs & Maintenance

We treat property repairs and maintenance as our top priority. Regular property upkeep will save you money on your investment in the long-run. A simple solution to a minor problem will save thousands of dollars down the line. This is the kind of financial drain we want to avoid.

maintaining your new rochelle property

That being said, we are conscious of the cost of repairs and will not take on any unnecessary improvements. Required repairs will always be completed on time. Sterling Property Solutions conducts regular inspections to ensure lease compliance by the tenants.


Detailed Financial Reporting

Our clients have 24/7 access to their monthly statements. This means you can monitor your budget accordingly and track your property expenses. All financial reports are available online. 


About New Rochelle, New York

New Rochelle is part of Westchester County, New York. It is an ideal place to raise a family, with its multitude of parks, libraries, and walking trails. It has a strong art and culture scene with restaurants and nightlife entertainment.

New Rochelle has demographic diversity, top-rated schools, suburban communities, and close proximity to New York City. 

Living in New Rochelle will give you access to the following amenities:

  • Parks
  • Five Islands Park is where residents enjoy fishing, relaxing at the beach, and watching shows at the outdoor amphitheater.
  • Lincoln Park is where kids enjoy a public swimming pool that features a slide and water spray.
  • Neptune Park is another great option for fishing and it also features plenty of sports and recreational facilities.
  • The New Rochelle Public Library hosts film screenings, lectures, and special events at their Ozzie Davis Theatre. They also have an art gallery and bookstore to explore. The library features the Huguenot Children’s Library for family entertainment. 
  • The Museum of Arts & Culture holds fascinating exhibits, and the Castle Gallery’s contemporary art pieces make both a must-see.

Information sourced from Wikipedia.